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CN-106673930-A: Application of basic metal or hydride thereof as chemical propellant in low earth orbit patent, CN-106676587-A: Novel chloride/sulfate nickel-plating bath patent, CN-106677122-A: Overturning plate type automatic river embankment preventing floods with floods patent, CN-106677415-A: Light-weight fire-prevention and heat-preservation brick patent, CN-106681092-A: 投影机及波长转换装置 patent, CN-106681222-A: Intelligent monitoring alarming device patent, CN-106682185-A: Method and device for preventing failure of balance operation in Mongos cluster patent, CN-106683843-A: DE magnetic core used for LED choking coil patent, CN-106686133-A: Trans-platform interaction method and device patent, CN-106688323-B: 半主动激光空地导弹测试仿真系统 patent, CN-106690299-A: Ejector rod type pot-in-pot device for preventing materials from floating for enzyme production patent, CN-106690673-A: 设置双喇叭立体音乐播放器的拐杖 patent, CN-106691587-A: Efficient condenser patent, CN-106691648-A: Accurately-releasable self-expanding stent conveying system patent, CN-106693229-A: Oxygen candle for judging of oxygen supply progress of solid oxygen generator through odor patent, CN-106695381-A: Locating clamping device patent, CN-106695584-A: 一种海绵磨块生产线及生产方法 patent, CN-106698135-A: 一种电梯监控的方法及监控平台 patent, CN-106699250-A: Application of passion fruit peel and trimmed branches and tendrils in Tricholoma Lobayense cultivation patent, CN-106701189-A: 一种渣油加氢处理-催化裂化组合工艺方法 patent, CN-106704725-A: High-density polyethylene steel belt enhanced spiral composite pipe patent, CN-106706460-A: Analysis method of gold in gold saltcyanide patent, CN-106706902-A: 一种猪圆环病毒抗体快速金标检测卡 patent, CN-106707423-A: Manufacturing device of novel stainless steel tail handle inserting core patent, CN-106708548-A: 程序升级方法和终端设备 patent, CN-106708566-A: Method for judgment of installation of application programs and judgment system patent, CN-106709561-A: 点钞机的串轮装置 patent, CN-106710451-A: Flexible display panel and support shaft making method thereof patent, CN-106710539-A: 液晶显示方法及装置 patent, CN-106711779-A: Transformer switch cabinet patent, CN-106714352-A: 过零导通时间的确定方法、确定系统和电磁加热装置 patent, CN-106714795-A: 用于治疗尤因家族肿瘤的组合物及方法 patent, CN-106716060-A: Method for mounting a pendulum laser device patent, CN-106717097-A: 用于无线通信网络中有效的资源分配的系统和方法 patent, CN-106717304-A: 一种水稻种子消毒方法 patent, CN-106718138-A: 一种人工辅助手持式扳钳变径枝条夹持电动杨梅环剥器 patent, CN-106718215-A: Roof greening combined flowerpot patent, CN-106719486-A: Fishing net tightening device patent, CN-106720543-A: 一种有机红茶的制备方法 patent, CN-106720714-A: 一种大麦茶的制备方法 patent, CN-106723144-A: Taro peeling production line patent, CN-106725842-A: Microwave ablation needle patent, CN-106726059-A: 一种牵引床 patent, CN-106730803-A: Mahjong machine with intelligent interactive type touch screen dice disk patent, CN-106730952-A: 动物蛋白离心喷雾干燥装置 patent, CN-106733357-A: 一种板金内框表面防腐喷涂装置 patent, CN-106735399-A: 多角度旋转式钻孔工装 patent, CN-106736838-A: 自测流速的调温架 patent, CN-106737670-A: 一种具有抗噪特性的冗余度机械臂重复运动规划方法 patent, CN-106743529-A: Stopping device patent, CN-106755677-A: Method for safely and quickly dismantling furnace shell patent, CN-106757935-A: 一种纺织机械弹性除染料器及其使用方法 patent, DE-1008319-B: Vorrichtung zur stufenlosen Fuellungs-steuerung von Kolbenkraftmaschinen patent, CN-106761051-A: 减噪汽车门锁 patent, CN-106761571-A: Numerical control winding pumping unit with sealed steel wire rope patent, CN-106763114-A: Push-pull rope core with stainless steel flat wire patent, CN-106763529-A: Electrically-driven light large-transmission-ratio wheel-side reducer patent, CN-106763932-A: Check valve patent, CN-106764095-A: Sealing method of pipe for closed wall and closing system patent, CN-106766068-A: Air conditioner air sweeping blade assembly and air conditioner patent, CN-106767454-A: A water-surface oil film thickness measurement system and method based on spectral reflectance characteristics patent, CN-106767705-A: 一种光学遥感卫星点目标观测任务动中成像姿态建模方法 patent, CN-106767958-A: 一种基于扩展相位相关算法的直线电机动子位置检测方法 patent, CN-106768277-A: 一种基于相干相位检测的分布式光纤振动传感装置 patent, CN-106768783-A: Test platform for stopping impact test with whole missile patent, CN-106769854-A: Dual-light-source coaxial output coupling method for optical air monitoring patent, CN-106770618-A: Method for building mass spectrometric model of characteristic protein of acute ischemic stroke patent, CN-106770814-A: 一种蛋白质色谱分离平台及其应用 patent, CN-106776269-A: Method for automatically excavating file type loophole according to XML compressed file format patent, CN-106777300-A: 基础地址库构建方法及系统 patent, CN-106777850-A: Automobile component design method based on simplified evaluation patent, CN-106777920-A: 确定最长公共子序列的方法和装置 patent, CN-106779893-A: Convenient shopping method and system patent, CN-106780704-A: Visibility reuse-based three-dimensional scene direct illumination effect approximate drawing method patent, CN-106781803-A: 变电站保护压板投退仿真培训装置及方法 patent, CN-106781839-A: Chinese character writing handwriting control exercise method patent, CN-106782933-A: Wind resistance type composite insulator and mold thereof patent, CN-106787053-A: 基于tl494脉宽调制芯片的单片机控制技术充电器 patent, CN-106790171-A: Session control method and device as well as computer readable storage medium patent, CN-106790436-A: Traffic system monitoring method based on cloud architecture, and control center cloud servers patent, CN-106790645-A: 一种分布式存储中协议流控设计方法 patent, CN-106790852-A: 手机搁置架 patent, CN-106793160-A: Network connection method and terminal patent, CN-106794115-A: 药剂分包机 patent, CN-106801343-A: Manufacturing method for water-soluble thionyl polyamide resin artificial leather patent, CN-106802274-A: 缓蚀剂对油气管焊缝腐蚀控制效果的测定方法 patent, CN-106804417-A: Seaweed reef patent, CN-106809154-A: Mobile light-weight protective fence on special vehicle patent, CN-106809805-A: Preparation device for disinfectant liquid used for domestic water patent, CN-106814653-A: Temperature sensing automatic control device patent, CN-106815389-A: 温度仿真的装置和方法 patent, CN-106815741-A: 一种广告投放方法、装置及电子设备 patent, CN-106817807-A: Method of adjusting brightness of electric lamp patent, CN-106818094-A: Greenhouse towel gourd efficient multiple cropping technology patent, CN-106823450-A: Extraction device for effective component of traditional Chinese medicine raw material patent, CN-106823641-A: High-protein fuel boiler flue gas dust collection device patent, CN-106825458-A: 一种优化设计的高效除气浇包 patent, CN-106825681-A: Portable interior wall drilling machine for building construction patent, CN-106827144-A: 一种工业用木材快速削皮装置 patent, CN-106828056-A: 一种快速逃生安全顶窗 patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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